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Universal Car and Home Laptop Adapter

Price:   R299.00

Universal adapter DC 12-24Volt 100Watt

This 100Watt universal DC adapter has an adjustable output voltage of 12 to 24V, and is the ideal replacement adapter for multiple brands of laptop computers. 
This adapter can also be used in car, boat or caravan using the included adapter cable for a cigarette plug. Also, the adapter is fitted with a 5V USB output, very convenient to charge. smartphone, PDA or MP3 player. 

With 8 different connector plugs included it always fits! A more versatile adapter doesn't exist!

Compatible with all major brand laptops such as: ibm, sony, dell, hp, apple, nec, toshiba, compaq, fujitsu, samsung, touch mate, Acer, LG, Sharp, Lenovo, Asus and many other brands.

Tip Sizes

  • 6*1
  • 6.3*3.0
  • 5.5*2.5
  • 5.5*2.1
  • 5.5*1.7
  • 4.8*1.7
  • 4.0*1.7
  • 3.5*1.75 


  • Input: AC 110-240Volt, 12Volt DC 
  • Output: DC 12 to 24V, 5V USB 
  • Power: 100 Watts 
  • Dimensions: 113 x 64 x 25mm
  • 1x Universal Adapter
  • 1x 2-Pin Power Cord
  • 1x Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • 8x Laptop Power Tips