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1M HQ Component Cable

Price:   R99.00

1 Metre High Quality Component RGB Cable

This High Quality Component Video Cable is designed to get the most out of your home entertainment system system. It provides sharper, clearer pictures with true-to-life colours through a combination of gold-plated connectors, oxygen-free copper conductors and double-shielding. The JSJ HQ Component Cable delivers a pure and powerful performance at a price that's hard to beat

  • JSJ HQ Component Video lead. 3 RCA to 3 RCA (3 phono to 3 phono)
  • Length 1 metres
  • 99.96% OFC conductor (Oxygen Free Copper) for high speed digital performance
  • 24K gold plated contacts prevent corrosion for long-life optimum signal transfer
  • Double screening for maximum RFI protection to ensure superior video performance
  • Internal silver soldering ensures excellent signal transmissions
  • Unique Metal connector design provides maximum shielding
  • Cellular PE insulation provides low signal attenuation for clean and natural picture
  • Interface Absorption Technology for distrortion free transfers
  • EMI Suppressors to absorb electro mangnetic interference.
  • Manufacturers Life Time Guarantee. Guaranteed against design-, construction-, materials and manufacturing defects