2x6 Multiswitch 1
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2x6 Multiswitch

Model ZA-9074600
Price:   R259.00

Multiswitch 2 in 6 out

A 2 x 6 Satellite multiswitch that enables a dual (twin) LNB to be connected to up to six satellite decoders, useful for those wanting to use a single Satellite Dish and Twin LNB, with a 4 Tuner HD PVR and twin tuner HD PVR 2P. Can also be used to provide satellite signal to 6 x DSD decoders using a single or twin LNB 

  • Zinc alloy crust
  • LNB frequency range: 950 to 2400MHz
  • Insertion loss: 5dB
  • Isolation: 26dB
  • LNB V voltage: 13V/14V
  • LNB H voltage: 17V/18V
  • DC current consumption: 30mA
  • Max.DC current to LNB: 500mA
  • 2SAT signal inputs can supply 6 decoders simultaneously