1M Composite Video Audio Cable 1
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1M Composite Video Audio Cable

Model 1.2-3RCAx2
Price:   R19.00

This multi-purpose, triple phono composite cable provides a clean signal transfer between your AUDIO/VIDEO connections and is compatible with standard AV sockets. A composite cable can be used to transfer 'audio and video' from any RCA/Phono source to a supported TV/Monitor 

Comptible with

  • LCD TVs,
  • Video Players,
  • Video Recorders,
  • Projectors
  • DVD Players
  • VHS Tape/VCR Players
  • VHS/VCR Combo Recorders
  • Hi-Fi Systems
  • Can also be used for the Transfer of VHS tapes onto DVD/Hard Disk
  • 3 x Phono Male to 3 x Phono Male RCA TO 3RCA Male to Male AV Cable 
  • Yellow Connector - to carry the video signal 
  • Red Connector - to carry the right audio 
  • White/Black Connector - to carry the left audio
  • Durable PVC jacket – This thick jacket helps to protect the cable against wear and tear. 
  • Cable strain relief to protect the cable: enables the cable to be bent in a multitude of directions without breaking
  • Excellent Conductivity between the connectors
  • Fully Moulded Connectors
  • Length: 1m