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Mains to Cigarette Lighter - 12V AC/DC/Charger/Adapter

Model CT-12VACDC
Price:   R69.00

12V AC/DC Charger/Adapter - Socket Power Supply PSU

Does NOT work on Camping Fridges, Air Mattress Pumps, or other high powered devices. Can only be used on low power items like cellphone chargers.

This device allows you to connect a 12v car cigarette lighter plug to a standard mains outlet, allowing you to charge or run devices intended for use in the car. Some of these devices can only be powered by a 12v cigarette lighter adapter

Have you ever left your mobile phone charger at home when heading away on a trip, then, found yourself sitting in the hotel car park trying to charge your mobile phone? By carrying one of these adapters in the car as a backup, you'll be able to take the car charger into your room, and run it off the standard mains socket.

The mains connector on this adapter is 2-Pin EU, making it possible to use the adapter when abroad

  • 90-240V AC, 50/60Hz Input Voltage
  • 12v DC Output Voltage
  • 12w Max Power
  • 500mA Max Output